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What materials/textiles will be able to be dyed?
  • Only natural fibres will dye, such as; cotton, denim, natural viscose, Tencel, linen, flax, hemp, bamboo and bark.
  • Although wool is a natural fibre, we, unfortunately, do not dye this material.
  • With fibre mixes such as polycotton or polyester cotton, only the cotton or natural fibre component will absorb the dye, therefore, if garments consist of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, only 60% of the fibres will absorb the dye.
  • The same then applies to stitching – even on denim. If the stitching was done with a polycotton or polyester thread, it will partly absorb dye or none at all and may remain the original colour.
Available colours?

Colours depicted are merely an indication. The type of fabric, the age and general condition will affect the final colour. Terms and conditions apply.

It is also important to remember the following:

    1. White is not a colour and cannot be dyed.
    2. Black garments cannot be dyed. Navy or any other colour expect to be dyed black again.
    3. Colour matching is not performed. (The same colour cannot be dyed because it will always be darker).
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