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No Need to Be Ashamed of Your Carpet Stains, We’ve Got This Under Control!

We can clean any carpet according to its (sometimes demanding) specifications; some carpets need to be dry cleaned while others are washable. Dry Cleaning 4U also has a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine for rent at our Durbanville, Plattekloof & Okavango shop.

Our Rug Doctor machine hire is the professional carpet cleaning system that you can use yourself in any home or any business environment. The equipment is highly effective and uses foam and high-powered spray extraction which does the job perfectly. This enables you to spring clean your carpet at a fraction of the cost of employing a specialist cleaning company – and it’s super simple to operate.

The carpet foam is sprayed under pressure. This foam then seeps into the bottom of the carpet where it releases buried dirt, dust and grime in mere seconds. This solution is then immediately sucked up by the powerful vacuum of the machine, therefore, preventing the carpet-backing from becoming too wet to function.

The results: 

Your carpet is dry within just 2 hours.

Your carpet is hygienically clean.

Allergens produced by household mites are excessively reduced.

The pile is beautifully restored, and the colours appear even brighter and seem enhanced in appearance.

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